Catering / Celebrations

Today catering is a very popular matter, as it can change any ordinary client occasion or party, to an exquisite evening of tastes and it can become the icing on the cake, on which your guests will carry unforgettable memories.

Even in such a small town as our Bytča, there exists a permanent amount of opportunities, on which there’s a need to assure fast and quality refreshment or menu. That’s why our restaurant Restaurant Gallery is expanding and improving the existing selection of catering services with the goal of fulfilling the expectations of our clients in the field of gastronomy and with the ambition, and experience, satisfy the wide spectrum of standard and special requirements of our customers. We are flexible and eager to fulfil your gastronome dreams.

Our services can be ensured in the premises of our restaurant, or even in any environment, you workplace or even your home. Our options have wide exploitation, for example in the morning before a meeting with your business partners or guests, we can ensure coffee breaks not only with classic sandwiches, but even a mini breakfast or brunch.

If you prefer serving lunch or dinner in your own premises, before a session in our restaurant, we are capable of preparing and serving, after an agreement with you, a complete menu and impress your business partners with quality gastronomy. Ensuring quality accommodation (as the only restaurant in Bytča) for your guests, in our comfortable apartments on the first floor, is a matter of course for us.

For your occasions we ensure our catering services on a professional level:

  • sandwiches, international and classic lunch menu, specialities of slovak and italian cuisine, hot and cold buffet tables, salads …
  • wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • traditional and unusual desserts
  • different kinds of great italian press coffee from Rome – Martella
  • top service and perfect staff

As the only restaurant in Bytča, we offer quality accommodation in our spacious apartments on the first floor for your guests. In the event of a wedding in our restaurant, we offer the newly-weds on their big day our wedding apartment – for free.

The services of our restaurant are oriented in a way to ensure a wide variety of occasions for our guests:

  • routs, banquets, cocktail parties
  • receptions and open days
  • garden parties, barbecues and children’s parties
  • gala evenings, balls, parties, proms
  • weddings and wedding feasts or anniversaries, along with accommodation for guests
  • graduations, birthday and name day celebrations, christenings, confirmations
  • funeral gatherings – burial feasts
  • business meetings and team building

and many more, on which we will gladly accompany you …

In the event of interest in our services, contact us, please on or on the phone number: 0918 644 886.